Prediction League is a game that started socially between friends.

Everyone in the group writes down what they think the final Premier League table will look like, before a ball has been kicked.

Whoever is closest at the end of the season wins the kitty. And sometimes gets to pick the following week’s teams for 6-a-side…

It was all pen-and-paper until Adam decided he had far too much time on his hands, so built a digital version.

Everyone who enters arranges the teams in the order they predict the league table will look week-on-week.

Once the season starts, the “live” league table is used to calculate each person’s score periodically for the current Game Week (Round).

This is the “week” of the season that is currently taking place, and is exactly the same as in Fantasy Football.

- i.e. for a Premier League season with 20 teams, there are 38 Game Weeks. For a Championship season with 24 teams, there are 46 Game Weeks.

Entry costs £10.00, which is broken down as follows:

The total prize fund is determined by the number of players.

For every entrant, £5.00 will be added to the winner’s kitty.

See the question above for the full breakdown.

The winner’s kitty will be awarded to the person who is at the top of the Leaderboard once all Game Weeks have been completed within the season.

This will be the person who has accrued the fewest points throughout the season.

See the next question for an outline of how the scoring works.

You will receive 1 “penalty point” for each position you have predicted incorrectly for each team.

For example:

Prediction Actual Penalty Points
Team A in 1st Team A in 3rd +2
Team B in 20th Team B in 15th +5
Team C in 10th Team C in 10th +0

Once a new Game Week starts, the previous Game Week’s score is frozen and the next Game Week begins with a score of 0.

The total cumulative score over all Game Weeks for each person is used to calculate the Leaderboard, which is topped by the person with the lowest cumulative score.

In the event of a tie on the Leaderboard, the tied entrants will be ordered by the minimum score that each one has gained throughout all Game Weeks so far, lowest first. You can think of this as the equivalent of “goal difference” when ranking teams on equal points in the real world.


Each time a new Game Week begins, you’ll be able to login and swap the position of 2 teams in your prediction.

When a Game Week is frozen, only the score accrued by your most recent prediction will count for that Game Week.

Payment is required as part of your entry and is processed via PayPal.

We’ve used PayPal’s basic Checkout Integration in order to provide the most secure and seamless way of making payment.

This means you don’t necessarily need a PayPal account yourself, and can use a credit/debit card (sent directly to PayPal’s servers) instead.

Whilst the payment flow itself is embedded into our site for convenience, the transactions themselves only ever take place directly with PayPal.

See the documentation for more info/peace of mind!

Entries are open now and will close on Friday 13 August 2021 (20:00BST) just as Brentford vs Arsenal kicks off the season.

All real-world football data used by the Prediction League is consumed from

This is a very comprehensive, developer-friendly, near-realtime data source that covers a significant number of global football competitions, including the Premier League and EFL Championship.

Under the hood, the API itself retrieves its own data from multiple open sources, as well as the Data Sports Group.

The Prediction League consumes the latest league table data from every 15 minutes. It then relies on this data to determine its own logical processes, including when a new Game Week has begun.

Absolutely none!

In order to maximise the winner’s kitty and charity donations, we cover all of the on-going running costs out of our own pocket, including: payment processing, hosting, build/deployment pipelines, domain registration and transactional emails (via Mailgun).

If you’re a developer and are able to spare any of your time in helping to maintain the project please do get in touch, or fork us on GitHub.

All charity proceeds are donated equally to the following fantastic causes who do exceptional work:

The Liz Clarke-Saul Fund pioneers research into adamantinoma - a rare form of bone cancer - and is supported by the Bone Cancer Research Trust. Liz is a GB Paracycling Squad bronze medalist who sadly passed away in 2020, leaving an incredible legacy that we are honoured to support in any way we can.

Forest Holme Hospice are a vital organisation who provide life-enhancing support to our local communities in Poole, Wimborne and the Isle of Purbeck.